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Quotes The Honey Mustard Chicken lunch plate is the BEST! I will definitely get that again. Quotes
Angela L.

Quotes Tommy's Regular Burger paired with a Banana Shake -- you can't go wrong. Quotes
Don P.

Quotes I can't miss Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I gotta have my Red Beans & Rice and Spaghetti! Quotes
Greg B.

Quotes This is located in the Galleria area. If you are on your lunch break, make sure you have time to spare. This restaurant only serves fresh food, they make it when you order it. I love this place. All of the food tastes so great and fresh, compared to other restaurants in the Galleria area. It is reasonably priced too. Quotes
Valerie L.

Quotes Everything down to the soup and chili is cooked fresh. Breakfast is also fresh and delicious. This place can pretty much satisfy whatever craving I have. The service is great and the staff is friendly. This place knows my name. I have had just about everything. I have to say that they have a kickin' fresh chili (that's my fave). Also on Mondays they have chicken vegetable soup that is fresh and delish. I highly recommend this place for both breakfast and lunch. Quotes

Quotes Let me say first that the customer service at Tommy's is by far one of the best in town. Everyone is smiling when you walk in. The food is good, and the $7 CAB Fare Fridays is a deal that you do not want to miss out on. Quotes
M. T.

Quotes I eat at Tommy's at least once a week. They have good food and great service. My company use them to cater food for meetings and social events, and not have they gotten an order wrong. My favorite is the cobb salad. Quotes
K. Douglas

Quotes The ribeye steak sandwich is awesome. Couple it with some fried mushrooms and its even better. The service is great and the owner ED seems to know everybody by name, he is a really nice guy. They also have a huge coffee and juice bar. Its a really cool place. Quotes
Gregory F.
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