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Quotes Tommy's offers a very large menu selection, one of the greatest things, accommodating many taste buds. My favorite things are the 'chicken hoagie' and 'philly cheese steak' sandwiches. They put just the right amount of flavor and seasoning in there to make you drool. But I have a lot more of their menu to explore! =) Quotes
Lorraine F.

Quotes Today I tried "THE REUBEN" for the first time (Tommy's recently added it to their menu). It was so good! I am so glad they now serve THE Reuben... one of my favorite sandwiches. Tommy's, You continue to impress me! Quotes
Betsy T.

Quotes I absolutely love the new Burrito Bar! It is an absolute MUST to stop by and see it... Tommy's - you are GREAT! Quotes

Quotes Breakfast tacos with a latte from the coffee bar, you can't go wrong. I get my two tacos with a latte every morning. Great food, Great service. Ed knows me by name and greets me everyday. Quotes
Judy S.

Quotes I absolutely love everything at Tommy's. I have to say that my favorite is the Philly Cheese Steak! The service there is amazing and they make sure to take care of all your needs. The owner greets you when you come in and he knows everyone's name. GREAT SERVICE! I definitely recommend this place. They also deliver to the office for FREE! Last week they catered box lunches to our entire department. Sandwich, chips, cookie and fresh fruit... it was great! Quotes
Susie H.

Quotes I tried the 'South of the Border Breakfast Feast' this morning with the grilled chicken. And I think I may have found the ultimate breakfast meal. Quotes
Kevin F.

Stacey M.

Quotes Tommy's, your breakfast makes us start the morning off right! Quotes
Norris of Houston

Quotes Thanks for providing our customers with a delightful and YUMMY event!! I know the customers here can always count on and look forward to a wonderful presentation from Tommy's. Quotes
L. Cortez

Quotes Ed - Just wanted to say that lunch was very good today and thanks for being patient and working with us while we sorted through the menu. Quotes
M. Graves